The State of Fashion Union

This week is no ordinary week in January, no way. Sure, it's the last week of January. That's exciting. Sure, Groundhog's Day is Thursday, that's also exciting. But did you know... this week is also the beginning of New York Fashion Week. My friend, good times and fashion are to be had.

Okay, before I get ahead of myself, Fashion Week officially starts later in the week, but a group of stylish fashion bloggers combined for a week-long ode to all things fashion in a series titled "The State of the Fashion Union," coordinated by Almost Girl and Fashiontribes.

To kick it off, I'd like to explore a fashion fact of nature. When one is interested in clothes, or fashion, or appearance in general, the said person is often deemed superficial, self absorbed, or worse, downright dumb. Why is this?

Is it impossible to...
• be stylish and intelligent?
• care about the latest Project Runway and the world news?
• read and enjoy Shakespeare and The Devil Wears Prada?
• spend $500 on a handbag, yet still have a mind for investments?
• love to shop and love to work?
• read Vogue/Lucky and Wall Street Journal/New York Times?
• wear Chanel skirt suits and still receive respect from male colleagues?
• care passionately about New York Fashion Week and Presidential Elections?

When I say I want to be a fashion writer, assumptions are made. "You want to write about fashion? About clothes? I bet all you like to do is shop and spend money..." Clothing is more about what you own. It's about the way you express yourself and the way the world perceives you. Unfortunately, only smart, stylish women (or girls, rather. At 18, I don't like to refer to myself as a woman yet. I have enough "woman" years ahead of me) like you and I realize this.

So here's to Fashion Week and many more stylish moments in our lifetime!



Kori said...

Ugh I know what you mean! I am taking really high level classes, but I'm still passionate about fashion. People automatically assume that it's an easy and shallow thing to pursue.
-Just Kori

DivaShop said...

AMEN! I LOVE Fashion, but I have other interests too! I like to learn new things & develop my intellect, but I also love fashion. Why should the 2 be mutually exclusive?

Sharp Lily said...

Yes! And you are certainly capable of being both, TF, just remember the little people!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,
OK, so I have a problem that needs solving in an hour if anyone comes on. I'm going to a party in a hotel lobby (medium fancy- book signing (family friend)). My outfit: tweedy greyish pants, purple suede heels, and TOP?? I need something that will match. Any suggestions would be great because I still have time to borrow or scrounge. Thanks so much everyone. Bye

tee said...

snaps for tf :)

Oh!Couture Girl said...

Found the link on Almost Girl's blog for this post and had to say bravo! for putting this so concisely and intelligently. Although I have run across the odd female who is into fashion and embodies that "dumb" character, most women who are involved in fashion are extremely intelligent and articulate people. Its such a shame the stigma is still attached.

Keep it up! :)