Iekeliene... Strange?

I spotted Iekeliene Stange in last months' issue of Teen Vogue, but my fascination with her didn't begin until I noticed her in Marc Jacobs's latest very fabulous ad. Although my own wardrobe is more conservative than I would like to admit, I can't help but feel inspired by Iekeliene's whimsical sense of style. Known for her wacky color combinations, retro dresses, and purposefully-tacky lenseless glasses, Iekeliene conveys such a down-to-earth persona, I feel like she could be that cool girl in class that always lives, breathes, and dresses in a world of her own.

Most models aspire to be the next Kate Moss - and therefore don Kate-esque skinny trousers, tailored jackets, and extra-mini minis. Initially, I was convinced Iekeliene's over-the-top getups were created with the purpose of drawing attention in the ever-competitive sea of supermodels, but the fashion daredevil told WWD that she looks to Snow White and Minnie Mouse for style inspiration, adding "I don't really think, 'Oh, this is going to be fashion.' I just do whatever I feel like. It's kind of funny how other people start doing the same." The thing is, I believe her.

More about our beloved Iek, courtesy of Women's Wear Daily...

Name: Iekeliene Stange
Age: 20
Provenance: Holland
Hobbies: "Photography, making amazing tutus, keeping it real."
Playlist: "Lots of hard core/post-hard core, indie, punk rock.Some of my favorites at the moment are Envy, Tilly and the Wall, Flogging Molly and Fear Before the March of Flames."
Opened: Marc Jacobs
Show highlight: "When I liberated my feet from the faulty shoes at Marc Jacobs. I was very worried, but everyone clapped and, thankfully, Marc was happy at the end."

credit: imaxtree,
zonnetje, imaxtree



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that she isn't conforming! She said in a teen vogue thingy that she used to be a little punk. I love her style - it's so cute!

lena said...

wow i love hr sense of style too! comeot htink of it.. i saw her in teenvogue dec/jan issue too! wasn' she the one who was getting hre hair done or something...and she had like ... was it green red or orange... her glasses? i thought thy were red but anwyys, she is very awesome ^.^

Anonymous said...

How doyou pronounce her name?

Anonymous said...

you pronounce it Ee-kel-een-ah, i saw the teen vogue article too. I love her fashion sense and that she doesn't care what anyone thinks. xxx

Anonymous said...

ee-kel-een-ah stan-juh

Anonymous said...

It's actually eekuh-leenuh stahnguh or something :) the stress in Iekeliene is on ie and lie, and in Stange the stress is on stang.

I know this because I am Dutch as well :)

Anonymous said...

She is superb, the most cool model ever

There is a thread of millions of photos of her :)