Therapy Departure

After a long day of studying for a test, I logged on to blogger to write a little piece about... well, to be honest, I can't even remember now. Because that was three days ago. So picture this: I was stressed out, brewed the perfect pot of Cinnabon coffee, hopped up on my bed, and decided to decompress in the very best way: fashion blogging. Instead, I was greeted by a message from the lovely people at Blogger that said something along the lines of "you can no longer post because we think you have a spam blog." Since when is pouring your heart out about your deep felt, somewhat shameful weaknesses (visiting Shopbop.com when I should be studying for my exams can definitely be classified as shameful) be considered spam?

This madness continued for an agonizing 48 hours. My blogging obsession was momentarily replaced with a rather unfortunate Saks.com habit, but I am my wallet is relieved to find that blogger has taken me back. Phew.

Here are a few of the things I know think I "need" thanks to blogger:

Is it wrong that I would rather buy these adorable tropical Delman flats than go on a college-tastic tropical spring break? I'll take flashy flats before flashing on MTV any day.

I used to count down the days until Easter Sunday because that meant a new dress with matching patent leather shoes and lace-trimmed socks. And a little purse, if I was lucky. This pretty eyelet mini dress is the big girl's equivalent to that. Perhaps the Easter Bunny will deliver it to me...

I'm addicted to pretty posts. These are sweet, but the shimmery diamonds add a nice dose of bling. The flowers are very appropriate for spring, even if flurries are in the forecast tomorrow. Apparently the weather goddesses haven't realized that it's March...



Mommylew said...

The Easter Bunny adores all of your choices as well!

divashop said...

Ooo, those flats are soo cute!
Too bad about Blogger's idiocy.

Osta said...

I am on the same wavelength - endlessly on the hunt for some pice that has nice eyelet/lace/macrame. Alas, nothing has made it into the closet so far.

fin said...

very cute flats!