I have spent eight years loving teenfashionista and enjoying every minute of it. I wrote about my life through high school and college, and looking back is sort of like flipping through a diary (that just so happens to have a lot of fashion). I wrote about going to my first fashion week, about landing my first internship, about writing my first book, and about five hundred pairs of ballet flats that I've obsessed over through the years.

Thank you all for reading! xo


anna. said...

Nooo! I love this blog! But good luck with the new one :) I'll follow it :)


Timeless Fashionista said...

This post makes me sad! Though, I'm glade you're finding out who you are! Best wishes! xoxo, -tf

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Teenfashionista. We will all miss you. Wish you didn't have to leave us but you are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Thanks is all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

will miss you, but will follow you wherever you go,

Sabrina @ about happy books said...

I think it's the right move to start another blog for this new exciting part of your life. Will go over to the new blog right away.

Mad Men Girl said...


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Anonymous said...

I love teenfashionista, have been following it since your high school days!! looking forward to the new blog!

Emily said...

my heart is breaking as I read this. :( But I can't wait to read about all your other adventures on the new blog!

However, please don't take the blog down!!! I still haven't made it through all your archives. (I've just discovered your blog in January)

Little Bow Prep said...

I've adored your blog for oh so long. Will make sure to follow your new blog.

Best of luck in NYC!

MAUD said...

i've just moved blogs too - it's very exciting.

see you on the other side! teenfashionista has been a blast, truly.

jenna, krissie, ashlee, cameron said...

awww congrats. we feel like you're our long lost big sister and you taught us everything we know haha :D

The Blue Jeans Girl said...

I only just found this blog today and its is already over. I shall have to go treasure hunting through the archives, but that is never as fun as looking forward to new posts.

Take care with your future ventures.

Annalee Porter said...

bummer!! you'll be missed.


Sara said...

No!! I just found your blog recently! I don't want it to end!!
teen fashionista: would you be willing to give me some advice? How did you get your blog noticed? I am just starting my teen fashion blog and I could use some help! :)